Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Federation (CCTTF)

The Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Federation (CCTTF) is a non-profit organization officiated in the province of British Columbia as of September 2000. The founding of this organization was inspired by the vision that Canada is a country of multi-cultural heritage. Vancouver is an internationally recognized gateway to the Far East, thus the city has excellent potential to host the first worldwide Chinese table tennis tournament targeted for July 2001.
Although table tennis is not one of the current mainstream sporting event in North America, the recent twentieth Summer Olympiad Games demonstrated without doubt that this sport is popular worldwide. However, excellence appears inadequate from Canadian athletes. Further promotion of this sport in Canada is warranted due to year-round accessibility, low maintenance cost to participants and health benefits.

The mission of CCTTF is therefore:

  • To promote the sport of table tennis, and contribute to Canada Table Tennis Association by assisting the development of future world-class Canadian athletes.
  • To promote friendship through linkage by table tennis with the rest of the world.
  • To educate the public regarding the health benefits of table tennis.

CCTTF membership is opened to all parties or individuals who subscribe to the objectives of the Federation, contribute to its well being and are interested in participating in its activities.